A JOURNALIST hoping to escape from Gaza with her family has launched an appeal, after their home was destroyed by Israeli occupation forces.

Eman Alhaj Ali, 22, said the “unparalleled devastation” caused by the escalation of conflict in Gaza since October 7 had left her family “displaced and destitute”.

The appeal, which has been backed by the Scottish PEN – an organisation which defends the “freedom of writers and readers” – has so far raised more than $4000, with the total target being $40,000.

The National:

The money raised would be used to help Ali and her mother, father and four younger siblings escape into Egypt, where they hope to “start a new life”.

Ali (below) is a journalist, having graduated from university with an English Literature and Translation degree. She has written for media outlets including Al Jazeera, The New Arab and The Electronic Intifada.

The National: In the appeal on GoFundMe, Ali said her hopes of attending university in Gaza as a postgraduate had been “shattered” by the current escalation of conflict.

“The current conflict has inflicted unparalleled devastation, shattering not just buildings, but dreams and aspirations,” Ali said.

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“The university where I nurtured ambitions of pursuing postgraduate studies lies in ruins, a poignant symbol of the havoc wreaked upon our lives.”

Ali said that if the fundraising target is not met, the money which has been raised would be used instead to rebuild her family home, which was destroyed by Israeli occupation forces (pictured below).

The National: “We are a cohesive family and cannot be divided. Therefore, if enough funds aren't raised to take my entire family out to Egypt, the money will instead be used to reconstruct our home that was completely ruined and set on fire by the Israeli occupation.

“They left us with nothing, so now we are all residing in a single room in our neighbor's house.”

Ali thanked those who have supported the campaign so far for “showing up for me during tough times”.

She added: “As we endure the indignities of makeshift shelters, devoid of comfort and plagued by illness, your compassion offers a glimmer of hope amidst despair.”

Donate to the appeal here.