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NOT content with arguing with right-wing blowhards on social media or telling people expressing concern for orphans in Gaza to go and live there, anti-Muslim extremist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has found a new thing to rage at: Doctor Who.

The far-right agitator – who would much prefer to be called by his moniker “Tommy Robinson” – has taken issue with the new portrayal of the time-travelling alien.

The first episodes to feature Ncuti Gatwa, the Scots-Rwandan actor who has become the fifteenth actor to play the eponymous role, debuted late last week – and some people are fuming about it.

Well, some extremist followers of Robinson’s anyway.

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Their impotent rage poured out after the agitator shared a short clip of the new Doctor Who series on social media. It showed Gatwa and Millie Gibson and featured a short musical riff on there always being “a twist at the end”.

No wonder people were angry.

Robinson wrote: “As will come of no surprise to anyone, the BBC's new 'Dr Who' is now a black homosexual. #DefundTheBBC.”

There was an ocean of replies and shares all showing similar levels of ignorance.

“Is that it? Is this the end or will he become a she next season?” one user asked, apparently blissfully unaware that the previous Doctor Who actor was, in fact, a woman. (Jodie Whittaker to save you googling it).

“I found that very surprising,” a second – who had apparently been living under a rock through the years of Disney-backed publicity about the new Gatwa-led series – commented.

A third actually took time out of their day to write: “No comment.” We should probably be grateful they didn’t both writing any more.

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But thankfully, a substantial number of replies to Yaxley-Lennon’s anger were giving him about as much time as he deserves.

“Wait! Are you telling me that Doctor Who is a bit campy, that is SHOCKING to me,” one user quipped.

“Who gives a fuck mate, Doctor Who is a fictional character that travels through time and space in a phone box,” a second wrote. “Naebody cares, except people who thrive on division, like you.”

“He can also time travel to the 1960s, the same decade as your views ya wee dick,” a third joked.

Hopefully, that’ll be the last we hear from “Robinson” for the foreseeable.