The National:

NEVER one to shy away from a hilarious take, Scottish tennis star Andy Murray has now given his thoughts on a particularly divisive Eurovision entry.

On Saturday night’s show, Finland’s entry Windows95Man along with his friend Henri Piispanen emerged from a denim-wrapped egg in the middle of the stage.

For much of their performance however, Windows95Man appeared not to be wearing any trousers – something the two-time Wimbledon winner was apparently shocked by.

The National:

Camera operators were forced to stand in very specific places to avoid anything people weren't expecting to see. 

Writing on Twitter/X, Murray said: “Is there a chap on stage with his Boaby out at the Eurovision? Didn’t expect to see that on BBC One.”

Many were left in stitches at Murray’s take, with one commenting: “Can’t unread this in his voice”.

The National:

“Andy Murray using the ‘boaby’ wasn’t on my score cord for any time ever,” another user added.

A third meanwhile was left unsure at Murray’s use of Scots slang and asked, “and what, pray tell, is a ‘boaby’?”

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A fourth person meanwhile said it had “made my day” while somebody else called on Murray to take on a new role as a Eurovision commentator from now on.

Never change Andy, never change.