LOCALS have reacted with fury after tourists on the NC500 route allegedly defecated near a cemetery.

In a post on the NC500 The Dirty Truth Facebook group, one person said two people “left their poos” just past the cemetery at Sheigra – a small holiday settlement in Sutherland.

This is despite toilets apparently being just one mile away.

She added: “Do they have that much disregard for the people who live here? Were they raised by animals? Are they laughing at us? We don’t need these idiots.”

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Other locals also expressed their discontent.

“Perhaps these incontinent morons think the NC500 means the north cr**ping 500,” said one.

Another added: “Many animals are extremely clean when it comes to toileting. Pigs are born with the instinct to leave their bed/den and toilet away from it. I think many of the human visitors who leave their droppings behind are probably sticking their fingers up at us because they get away with it.”

The NC500 is one of Scotland’s most popular road trips, attracting thousands of visitors and growing every year.

But this has often led to criticism from locals. And this isn’t the first time locals have highlighted that people have increasingly been using the countryside as a toilet rather than using the facilities.

The route has faced issues with cars in the past. We reported last year how a group of petrol heads were snapped parking their supercars in dangerous spots along the route.

Posting pictures on Instagram, a member of a squad of around a dozen supercars drivers took an aerial shot of their vehicles on the Kylesku Bridge in Sutherland while the road was open.