A CLIP from Thursday’s BBC Question Time has done the rounds on social media as an English audience member praised Humza Yousaf’s stance on Gaza and said the SNP have “shown up the rest of the UK political parties”.

Speaking on Thursday’s show in Cambridge, the audience member addressed the panel when asked: Can the Scottish National Party recover?

The panel was made up of Kirsty Blackman MP (SNP), Bim Afolami MP (Conservative), Peter Kyle MP (Labour), Professor Joseph Stiglitz and Anita Boateng.

The audience member said: “I think over the past six months the SNP have really actually shown up the rest of the UK political parties.”

The individual attributed this to the First Minister’s stance on Gaza, adding that the SNP have done more than any other party to call out the ongoing injustices in Palestine.

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“When it comes to the current genocide in Gaza, they are the only party – and the Green Party, actually – to have done more than anyone else to show a willing commitment to the upholding of international law, holding human rights violations to account and the suspension of arms sales to Israel, which is a critical issue.”

They added: “This is a genocide. Why aren’t the other political parties bothered about it? Stop brushing it under the carpet.

“I would have voted for Humza Yousaf, despite being an English person, if I could have done.

“Obviously he’s resigned now anyway, but they’ve shown the rest of the parties up.”