The National:

OVER days of fast-paced breaking news, you can possibly forgive a few slip-ups on the finer points of Scottish politics from the UK media.

But you’d expect them to get the basics right, at least. You know, things like the names of some of the key players in Scottish politics for the last few years (and in some cases, decades).

As the eyes of the world focused on Scotland over the last week, some details got lost in the noise.

The National:

Multiple outlets referred to some chap called “Hamza Yousaf” in their coverage.

The National:

The i newspaper told us that the misfortunes of this Hamza fellow “may be [a] timely boost for Labour”.

The National:

The Washington Post – whose motto is democracy dies in darkness – reported that the guy had resigned. Don’t know why they were on about this Hamza fellow when Humza was the one in the spotlight.

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Then there were repeated references to someone called John Sweeney, which sounds like the sort of name you might come up with if you created a politician out of a West of Scotland random name generator.

Kevin McKenna, formerly of this chapel and now a writer for The Herald, complained: “Who’s this SNP bloke John Sweeney the BBC news anchor is referring to?”

Another Twitter/X user added: “Can someone please tell the [BBC News] presenter that it isn't pronounced John ‘Sweeney’.”

They were of course referring to the former deputy first minister John Swinney, one of the biggest figures in Scottish politics who was also the SNP leader around 20 years ago.

Perhaps no mistake was more annoying than the BBC’s repeated references yesterday to “the Bute agreement” while presenters were filling airtime before Humza Yousaf’s resignation speech yesterday.

The anchor referred to it multiple times, conjuring up images of Yousaf and his two erstwhile Green ministers taking to a secluded spot on the island to thrash out the details of their doomed power-sharing agreement. Just don’t mention the ferries…