The National:

HUMZA Yousaf has resigned as SNP leader, and all the conversations at Holyrood are now focused on who might replace him.

Kate Forbes, Jenny Gilruth, John Swinney. These were just three of the names being spoken about in the Scottish Parliamentary corridors.

Or could it be Stephen Flynn? An unlikely bet for an MP, but his name was being whispered – until he ruled himself out anyway.

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One name The Jouker hadn’t heard was Deputy First Minister Shona Robison’s – at least until she emphatically declared herself to be running live on Sky News.

Robison was speaking to the media from outside Holyrood, and seems to have had technical issues to blame for accidentally becoming the first SNP MSP to throw her hat in the ring to take over as party leader.

“Just finally, are you in the running?” Robison was asked.

After a dramatic pause, she said: “Yes.”

“You are in the running?” the host asked again. But Robison quickly changed her mind.

“No, sorry!” she said.

“No, I’m not, sorry – I thought you said ‘can you hear me?’. It’s really difficult to hear you.

“No, I am definitely not in the running.”

That’s one of the issues with live TV!