The National:

IT didn’t take Scottish comedian Janey Godley long to take on the rumours of Humza Yousaf’s resignation.

The comic is well known for her hilarious voiceovers, particularly when Nicola Sturgeon was still Scotland’s first minister.

Following the news that Yousaf could be set to stand down as early as today, Godley took to social media to share her take on the situation.

She posted a video of the First Minister addressing the media last week when he was asked if he was going to resign.

In the voiceover, Godley jokes: “Naw. Absolutely naw. I mean they all can get together and they all can do the stabbing of the back and the Tories can join with Labour and the Greens can join the Tories.

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“And honest to god the whole f****** lot of them can join the Co-Op for all I care. I’m no stepping doon.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m gonna just keep going until I cannae keep going.”

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The hilarity didn’t end there though as the voiceover joked that the “minute you see me buying a campervan” and the “police digging up my garden” was when Yousaf “might step down”.

“As it stands I’m gonna stay as the First Minister or I’m gonna take up skateboarding. Have you seen me on a scooter?”