TORY minister Chris Philp was left embarrassed on Question Time as he appeared to ask if Rwanda and Congo were different countries.

The policing minister’s blunder came on Thursday night’s Question Time as he was grilled on the Government’s deportation policy after it passed earlier this week.

An audience member questioned the minister on whether his family members from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) would be sent to Rwanda under the scheme had they been subject to the plans.

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The person explained the volatile situation between DRC and Rwanda as he expressed concerns about the idea of Congolese people being sent to a hostile country.

Aid organisations are fearing a humanitarian crisis in the eastern Congo region, where the armed M23 group is in the midst of a new advance near the border with Rwanda.

The fighting has displaced 738,000 people in the first three months of this year alone, according to the UN aid agency OCHA.

Referring to the city of Goma in DRC, he asked: “Had my family members come from Goma on a crossing right now, would they then be sent back to the country that they’re supposedly warring with?”

However, the Tory MP seemed to find it difficult to understand that the two countries are separate.

Philip initially replied: “No, I think there’s an exclusion on people from Rwanda being sent to Rwanda.”

The audience member then interjected to explain the people he was talking about are “not from Rwanda, they’re from Congo”.

Looking puzzled, Philp then asked: “Well, Rwanda is a different country to Congo isn’t it?”

The National:

The question was met with visible bewilderment from the audience as well as shadow health secretary Wes Streeting.

Other onlookers were seen laughing while some simply shook their heads in disbelief at the comment.

Philp added: “There is a clause in the legislation that says if somebody would suffer seriously irreversible harm by being sent somewhere they wouldn’t be sent.”

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Many took to social media to criticise Philp for his question with one social media user describing it as “painful to watch”.

Another shared an image of the audience’s reaction to Philp and joked that it should be put “in the National Gallery”.