ONE million plastic bottles and cans have been recycled via a major supermarket’s new Scottish return scheme.

Lidl announced it had reached the milestone after launching a bottle return scheme in Glasgow less than three months ago.

The scheme accepts uncrushed, labelled PET plastic bottles and aluminium cans from any brand or retailer in return for 5p per item that can be redeemed against a shop or donated to charity. 

Since its launch in February, shoppers have claimed £47,000 in cashback vouchers in return for their recycling as well as raising £3000 for STV Children’s Appeal.

The trial is the first of its kind to be rolled out across an entire city, with all recycled material going on to be recycled into new plastic and aluminium products. 

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Reports have shown that the percentage of household rubbish recycled and managed in Glasgow is lower than the national average with the recycling rate sitting below 30% for the city and Lidl is hoping it can incentivise change.

Marco Ivone, regional director for Scotland at Lidl, added: “Lidl’s Glasgow Return Scheme trial has only been running for 10 weeks and is already completely surpassing our expectations.

“Not only have our Glasgow customers helped us reach an astounding number of over one million bottles and cans returned, we have seen 94% of people using their vouchers in store, meaning customers are able to get tangible discounts on their weekly shop in exchange for increasing their recycling efforts. 

“We are delighted to see how many people have been taking advantage of the scheme by using their cash reward vouchers to make their money go that little bit further so they can enjoy even more of Lidl’s high quality produce.”

The major supermarket chain has rolled out the initiative across 21 stores in Glasgow.

PET - polyethylene terephthalate - is a type of clear, strong and lightweight plastic which is 100% recyclable and you can usually find a symbol on plastic containers if it is this type.

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There is no cap on the number of items that can be returned, as long as they are clean and uncrushed.

Unlike the Scottish Government’s plans for a deposit return scheme – which has had to be delayed - Lidl’s bottle return scheme does not place a deposit on the retail price of the original product.