THE Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has issued a three-month warning to millions of Brits concerning changes to their benefits.

Anyone who receives a "migration notice" letter has been urged to "not ignore" it.

These letters will detail the alterations in benefits due to the transition to Universal Credit, giving claimants a three-month window from receipt to apply for the new system or face the risk of losing their benefits altogether.

This move is a segment of the extensive process to transfer various benefit claimants to Universal Credit.

There is no need to panic unless a letter lands in your mailbox, however, if it does immediate action is required.

Those receiving income support, tax credits, and housing benefits are among the claimants being notified this April. Universal Credit is set to consolidate several benefits as part of reforms to the welfare system.

They will continue reaching out to people throughout the year based on the benefits they're currently getting.

The DWP's advice is straightforward: "You need to move to Universal Credit if you've received a Migration Notice letter, as one or more of your benefits will be ending soon.

"To continue receiving financial support you must claim Universal Credit by the deadline date given in your letter. This is three months from the date the letter was sent out.

"If you cannot claim Universal Credit by the deadline date, you should contact the Universal Credit Migration Notice helpline as soon as possible.

"You may be able to get more time to make a claim if you have a good reason. You must request this before the deadline date on your letter."