LIZ Truss should be in the Outer Hebrides, not the public eye, an influential Tory journalist has said.

Tim Montgomerie, the founder of the ConservativeHome website, sparked anger with the comment as he told Sky News he did not have time for the former UK prime minister.

Truss, who was removed as prime minister by her own party after less than two months in power, has been in the headlines in recent weeks due to the release of her new book: Ten Years to Save the West.

Appearing on Sky News on Thursday evening, Montgomerie was asked about Truss’s “memoirs”.

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He said: “I think Keir Starmer’s probably loving every minute of it. But I tell you who aren't enjoying it, Conservative councillors out there on the front door doorstep at the moment, trying to get their campaigns in shape.

“Probably the most unpopular prime minister we've had in living memory is there, two weeks before campaign day, reminding everyone of that dreadful six-week period when the Conservative Party got a reputation for wrecking the economy.

“I really have no time for Liz Truss. Anyone with any sense of dignity would have absented themselves from the political … She should have gone and run a hotel in the Outer Hebrides or something.

“To actually still be at the forefront of politics, without any real apology for what she did, I really think she's a disgrace, actually.”

After Sky News’s Sophy Ridge posted a clip to social media, Montgomerie was accused of treating the Western Isles, and Scotland in general, “as a dumping ground for undesirables”.

“The British media seem to think the Outer Hebrides, Orkney etc are to be viewed as some kind of punishment sin bin for discredited Tory MPs. Stop it,” one user wrote.

Another quipped: “Scotland isn't a dumping ground. Didn't hear any of you correct Brexit boy. Cheers for that.”

A third joked: “As a native Hebridean I find that offensive. People work very hard to keep the islands clean and dumped garbage is very much frowned upon.

“Besides, she couldn’t run a bath.”

And a fourth said: “What did the good folk of the Outer Hebrides do to deserve that?

“The English are welcome to keep their eejits in England thanks. Scotland is not some kind of penal colony!”

The comment comes after the director of a key Labour think tank suggested that human traffickers should be sent “up to the north of Scotland, who cares”.

And late last year Lee Anderson, the former deputy chair of the Conservatives who defected to Reform, said asylum seekers should be sent to “the Orkneys or some remote Scottish island”.