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AN SNP MP had the perfect response after Tory peer Ruth Davidson labelled them “entitled”.

Pete Wishart clapped back at the former Scottish Conservative leader on social media after she took a pot shot at him.

Sharing a column from Jim Spence in the Courier, Davidson had written: “Really interesting column by (independence-supporting) @JimSpenceDundee – on why @theSNP longest-serving MP, @PeteWishart’s sense of entitlement and lazy anti-Tory rhetoric might just be past its sell-by date …”

Wishart had the perfect response.

“‘Sense of entitlement’?” he wrote. “You’re an unelected baroness with a job in our legislature for life …”

Davidson took a peerage from Boris Johnson in 2020, despite having been vocally critical of him for years prior.

Wishart wasn’t the only person to spot the hypocrisy.

“‘Sense of entitlement’ says 'Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links',” one user quipped.

Another added: “Seriously Ruth??? You have the audacity to post this whilst you sit in your ermine robe taking our money whilst doing fluck all.”

“Rich coming from you. Enjoy collecting all those salaries for very little work????” a third wrote.

In his column, Spence had taken issue with Wishart after he tweeted about other pro-independence candidates who will be standing in Perth and Kinross-shire at the next General Election.

Wishart, who has been an SNP MP since 2001, posted on Twitter/X: “Apparently I’m going to be opposed by an Alba and an ‘unofficial’ Alba candidate at the General Election and maybe even a Green too.

“Does anybody know how this advances independence and helps keep the Tories out?”

In 2017 and 2019, Wishart was the only pro-independence candidate in his Perth and Perthshire North constituency. In 2019, he won more than 50% of the vote, but in 2017 scraped a victory by only 21 ballots.

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The full roster of candidates set to run against Wishart at the next General Election is still to be confirmed. However, Sally Hughes has said she will be standing as an “independent, independence candidate” and former Tory MP and former No10 Union Unit head Luke Graham will stand for the Conservatives.

Responding to Davidson sharing his column, Spence said he was “politically homeless”.

He wrote: “I’ve really always been more of a mild leftie Ruth while supporting Indy.

“However this mob have convinced me that a one party authoritarian dictatorial state is a very dangerous thing. Like a great many others I’m currently politically homeless.”

Davidson has responded to that one (saying 'Aye, fair'), but she's ignored Wishart's response.

We wonder why.