TORY MPs jeered “once in a generation” as Stephen Flynn raised the issue of Scottish independence at PMQs.

The SNP’s Westminster leader brought up a second referendum on the Union after comments made by former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown earlier in the week.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Brown had conceded that the independence campaign is stronger than Unionism.

Flynn raised the former Labour leader’s comments in the Commons, with a sly dig at former Tory prime minister Liz Truss.

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The SNP group leader said: “This week, a former prime minister who oversaw a financial crash before being unceremoniously turfed from office told the public the truth.

“And I'm not referring to that one, Mr Speaker, because on Monday, Gordon Brown told the people of these isles that ‘the forces pulling Britain apart are greater than the forces holding it together’.

“So maybe the Prime Minister can find some time this afternoon to perhaps agree with just one of his predecessors?”

Responding, Rishi Sunak said: “Look, Mr Speaker, where I do agree with my predecessor very strongly is that Scotland would be far stronger inside the United Kingdom.”

Flynn then raised the issue of a second referendum, and how the Tories and Labour are united in denying the people of Scotland a chance to vote in one.

He said: “Mr Speaker, of course, where Gordon Brown was also correct was in stating that Scottish independence is not simply off the agenda.

“And indeed, those remarks were echoed just yesterday by the general secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress who stated that it remains an unresolved issue, Mr Speaker, before going on to state …”

Tory MPs began to jeer and heckle as Flynn went on to quote STUC general secretary Roz Foyer.

Flynn said: “They may laugh at her but she said, ‘that can be a very dangerous place to end up in when you are not allowing people to express their wishes in a democratic manner’.

“So may I ask the prime minister, does he welcome the fulsome, wholehearted and warm support of the Labour Party in denying the people of Scotland that opportunity to have a say over their own future?”

As Flynn’s speech went on, Tory MPs could be heard to shout “once in a generation” amid the din.

Responding, Sunak said: “Mr Speaker, we did have a democratic vote on that.

“But what I would suggest to the SNP is that rather than obsessing about independence and indeed wasting time cracking down on free speech and trying to lock up JK Rowling, they should focus on what the people of Scotland actually care about: schools, hospitals, jobs and our new tax cuts.”