LABOUR are desperately scrapping for election funds as members have been warned they are “seriously behind” the Conservatives in revenue raised.

Keir Starmer’s party have been spotted ramping up fundraising efforts for both the local and General Election with some supporters having received a deluge of 27 emails pleading for donations in the last three months, according to analysis by LabourList.

That equates to one email every three days, as the party claims that it needs to compete with the Tories on the cash-front if it is to have any chance of beating them.

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Visitors to the party’s website have also been hit with pop-ups saying “money matters in elections and we’re seriously behind”.

The text of the pop-up added: “Outspending us is how the Tories win elections. We have to close the gap and you can help.”

This message appeared alongside links to donate £10, £20, £50, £100 or another amount and a bar chart highlighting that Labour raised £31 million in donations in 2023 compared to the Tories’ £48m.

The National: Sir Keir Starmer has refused to commit to further spending under a Labour government amid growing calls from unions for him to back more of their policy priorities (BBC/PA)

It comes after Starmer (above) said Trident is the "bedrock" of Labour's defence policy,  despite growing concern over the state of the ageing nuclear fleet critics say is a “grotesque” waste of money.

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Members also received a grovelling email from the party on Saturday stating that “we need your support before the week finishes,” telling recipients that the party’s online donations have “slowed significantly towards the end of March” and “it doesn’t look like they’re picking back up”.

The email continued: “We get it, it’s easy to look at the polls and think that it’s job done. But here in HQ, we know that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve fought enough elections to know that when the Tories turn on the money tap, that spells defeat for Labour.

“We’re already on the backfoot when it comes to donations, so we absolutely cannot afford to let the situation get worse. The Tories will call an election this year. They’re scared of losing, so they will spend more money than they ever have to beat us.”

The mailing was followed up on Sunday with another fundraising email saying “thousands of people across Britain” had chipped into the party’s election fund and urged recipients to join them in making a donation.