AROUND 100 jobs are at risk after a Scottish factory announced plans to close down after 50 years.

The Silberline factory, in Leven in Fife, had been run by the US firm of the same name – which produces aluminium effect pigments for things such as car paints, printing ink, and plastics – since 1974.

However, it was acquired by the German business Eckart in January and may now close down.

While managers stressed that no final decision has been made, the closure has been proposed and employees are being consulted.

Operations director Alan Sanddon said: “On April 9, we announced a proposal to close the Eckart (formerly Silberline) site in Leven.

“This proposal comes after a lengthy review of our operations in Leven, and is a result of multiple factors, including the global trend of regionalisation in our business.

“We have now started consultations with our affected employees and their representatives about this proposal.

“No final decision to close the site has yet been taken.

“However, if the proposal goes ahead, we will do everything we can to support our employees “This proposal has not been formulated lightly and is a result of the difficult situation we find ourselves in.”