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THE date is yet to be set for the forthcoming General Election but there’s something in the air.
Is it another Keir Starmer U-turn? A Douglas Ross or Rishi Sunak cringeworthy moment? The Scottish LibDems publishing misleading leaflets?

Yes, to all three in all likelihood. But what I actually mean is that the UK and Scotland’s political parties are starting to jostle for position – a little like long distance runners before a bell signals the final lap.

Humza Yousaf has just finished three days of campaigning across Scotland, shaking hands and encouraging activists.

The Scottish Greens have announced they will be standing the most candidates ever.

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Scottish Labour seem to be focusing their eyes on taking SNP seats in the central belt, yet haven’t even selected a candidate in the six Westminster seats won by the Scottish Tories at the last General Election.

Candidate names are being released and – if you’re Reform – swiftly removed in controversy. The battlefield is being drawn and it’s already difficult to keep track of all that’s happening as the UK prepares to go to the polls.

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