LABOUR will “never” stop waving the Union flag, one of the party’s most senior MPs has insisted amid a row over the design appearing on General Election campaign material.

David Lammy wrote what he called a “personal piece” in the Sun, defending the use of the Union flag on Labour campaign flyers after concerns were raised about how it was perceived in some constituencies.

In late March, the Guardian reported that Labour leader Keir Starmer was “facing discontent from Labour MPs” over the use of the flag amid fears it could alienate minority voters and those in university towns.

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“For a lot of communities we are talking about colours that are associated with the National Front or another far-right group,” one MP told that paper.

Another added: “You don’t need to prove your patriotism by wrapping yourself in the Union Jack.”

Labour have also added the Union flag to their membership cards, in a move which was praised by the far-right leader of Britain First.

However, writing in the Sun, shadow foreign secretary Lammy (below) said anyone complaining about the Union flag on Labour material had it “wrong”.

The National: Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy (Jonathan Brady/PA)

“It was the flag that went to battle against Hitler’s racism,” Lammy wrote. “I’ve always felt abandoning it to racists was a betrayal of its anti-fascist heritage.

"Which is why those uneasy about the Union Jack on our leaflets have it wrong. The flag doesn’t belong to those who once tried to intimidate me. It’s everyone’s be they black or white.

"That’s why my party proudly flies it — and we will never stand it down."

Lammy’s comments have been widely mocked, with the Aberdeen Independence Movement responding on social media: “Put the flag down, David, you can't shag it! What are these nationalists like?!”

The Liverpool Community Independents group, founded by former Labour members, responded: “When this country fought Hitler's evil regime it had an Empire which was the epitome of racism itself.

“It fought to defend the British Empire, not to fight racism.”

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Previously, Starmer infuriated Labour activists by writing in the Sun – despite having told a crowd in Liverpool that he wouldn’t talk to that paper, which has never been forgiven in that city for its coverage of the Hillsborough disaster.

Similar anger was widespread in the responses to Lammy’s argument for the Union flag.

The top Labour MP’s comments were further called out by Yes Cymru director Ethan Jones, who said: “The [Union flag] does nothing for me, I feel no affinity; my country isn’t represented on it.

“Invoking Hitler isn’t a trump card; it was also carried into battle against the United States, the Jacobites, the Māori, and flew over concentration camps in Kenya.

“The Empire is over, park it.”