THE Conservative Party have deleted a “bizarre” campaign poster after it received widespread ridicule on social media.

The campaign material was posted on X/Twitter on Thursday and was met with instant mockery.

It included the boast that “Britain is the second most powerful country in the world”.

The claim was based upon a 2024 Brand Finance Soft Power Index, which claimed that “the UK has retained second place behind the US”.

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However, in an apparent misunderstanding of the term “soft power”, the poster illustrated this point with pictures of fighter jets. It also displayed a picture of the England men’s football team despite the poster referring to “Britain”.

No women were featured on the poster either although there was room for King Charles, an Aston Martin and a large container ship built in South Korea.

Indeed, the inclusion of King Charles was queried by republican campaigner Graham Smith. 

He said: “Monarchy is part of a deeply conservative view of the country. But it seems bizarre that the Tories would actually use an image of Charles in their graphic.

“Are they suggesting an endorsement?”

The post was deleted on Friday afternoon after various “updated” posters were created by social media users, including versions which featured the Bibby Stockholm barge, disgraced peer Michelle Mone, and former home secretary Suella Braverman.