The National:

THE Tories have been roundly mocked for a “bizarre” new campaign poster which has almost too many things wrong with it to list.

The official Conservative Party account shared the new poster on social media on Thursday – and the backlash was swift.

The image claims: “Britain is the second most powerful country IN THE WORLD.”

The National:

The assertion – which any of us living in the UK and its severe cost-of-living crisis will have fair reason to question – is based on a story from the Express.

That paper reported: “According to Brand Finance's 2024 Global Soft Power Index, the UK has retained second place behind the US.”

How did the Tories represent being listed second in “soft power”? With fighter jets, of course.

As well as seven fighter jets, the poster also included the England football team. You know, the team that hasn’t won a trophy in more than half a century.

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There was also a picture of King Charles – which is questionable in many ways – and British-American director Christopher Nolan. Fat chance they asked either of their permission.

Rishi Sunak rounds off the roster, which does not feature a single woman. It does feature an Aston Martin car however.

As political reporter Chloe Chaplain noted: “This advert is basically a lads mag but without the boobs?”

No women then, but the poster does also feature a large container ship: MSC Zoe. This ship was built in South Korea, sails under the flag of Panama, and is owned by a Swiss-based firm which was founded in Italy.

The National:

As a side note, the MSC Zoe lost hundreds of containers into the North Sea in 2019, including ones containing peroxide.

Quite how that demonstrates the strength of the UK is unclear.

The litany of issues with the Conservatives’ poster on the strength of the UK – complete with a massive Union flag – have not gone unnoticed.

As the That’s Devolved account pointed out: “That is the English, not the British football team. Each nation has its own football team.”

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Broadcaster Gavin Esler added: “I didn't realise ‘Our Country’ as defined by the Conservative party is now one represented only by the England football team, but perhaps they have written off Scotland and Wales.

“I'm sure voters there will understand... (And as for Northern Ireland... clueless, as usual.)”

Campaigner Greg Mulhollan said: “I see the Tories don’t know the difference between the UK, Britain and England (so despite claiming to be pro-Union, are actively undermining it in Scotland and Wales).

“Another reason they’ll be largely wiped out in Scotland and Wales at the General Election.”

Emeritus professor of government Colin Talbot did not mince words, writing: “This is without doubt the single silliest political ‘poster’ from a major party I have seen in my 71 years.

“THE SECOND MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD? Who runs this account? A six year old?”

The Jouker has asked Buckingham Palace if they agreed to have the king on the poster, a feature which also did not go unnoticed.

Republican campaigner Graham Smith wrote: “Monarchy is part of a deeply conservative view of the country. But it seems bizarre that the Tories would actually use an image of Charles in their graphic.

“Are they suggesting an endorsement?”

At this point, surely, no one would seriously consider endorsing them.