THE first ever "Scottish tequila" is set to be released – with plans for a brand new "Scottish margarita" to make its way into bars too.

While not officially called a tequila as this name is reserved only for the spirit produced in Mexico, Kirkcudbright-based Dark Art Distillery has created its own "homage" to the popular drink.

Véspero, a Blue Weber agave spirit, is the first tequila-like spirit to be distilled in Scotland.

Dark Art Distillery founder Andrew Clark Hutchison was born in Mexico, and wanted to bring his birthplace to Scotland.

The National: Dark Arts Distillery's newest spirit, Véspero.

Meanwhile his "Scottish margarita" is a new take on the classic cocktail, featuring Ardbeg and orange liqueur alongside the agave spirit.

The drink is meant to have sweet grassy and toffee notes with a “warming peppery finish”. It’s created with organic 100% Blue Weber agave, yeast and water.

Dark Art Distillery released the spirit for Dark Sky Week, as it is bottled in Galloway Forest - Europe's second Dark Sky Park.

The forest makes up about 20% of the park, and has a policy of no permanent illumination to preserve dark skies and wildlife.

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“What a better time to launch Scotland’s first ever Blue Weber Agave spirit, Véspero, which links closely to the sky’s above Kirkcudbrightshire where it is created,” Clark Hutchison said.

International Dark Sky Week, held from April 2-8, is a celebration to bring awareness to the negative effects of light pollution on biodiversity and nighttime environments.