A POPULAR Scottish takeaway has hilariously hit back after a Scot said their kebab looks a “complete mess”.

The award-winning kebab shop Shawarma King posted a video to Instagram two days ago, showing how they prepare a dish called the “large shawarma loaded fries”.

The video shows a member of the team loading chips with cheese followed by a mix of chicken and lamb shawarma and lashings of garlic and chilli sauce.

“Something naughty to get the bank holiday weekend going,” the video was captioned But one Scot wasn’t impressed, commenting underneath: “Sorry to say but that’s just a f***in complete mess”.

The takeaway hit back brilliantly, however.

“Sorry to say Danny but we are a kebab shop not a Michelin star establishment led by Heston Blumenthal,” they commented.

“Presentation may not be our forte especially during peak business, however we can guarantee you will enjoy the food and come back for more.”

They added: “Next time you’re hungry give us a message and we will be happy to sort you out with a portion of shawarma loaded fries on the house.”

The response drew a number of comments from amused Scots.

“Well said! That looks like a f***ing masterpiece, I want it every day till I die,” said one social media user.

Another added: “Best response to a review ever.”