THE UK Government is "trashing" international humanitarian law, one MP has said, as pressure is mounting on the Government to reverse its decision to withdraw funding from UNRWA, the largest humanitarian agency in Gaza.

It comes as more than 100 MPs signed a letter addressed to Foreign Secretary David Cameron, urging the Government to resume funding amid concerns of an impending famine.

Speaking to The National, SNP MP Philippa Whitford (below) – who previously worked as a surgeon in Gaza – said the UK Government was “trashing international law” in its attempts to defend Israel’s actions.

The National: SNP MP Philippa Whitford speaks to the Holyrood Weekly podcast for its last episode of 2023

“Right from the start, we saw the UK and the US align with Israel, which I totally understand. On October 7, the world was looking in horror at what Hamas did in that attack,” Whitford said.

“But it didn’t take long for us to realise that the Israeli response was going to be totally disproportionate, and that has turned into literal slaughter in Gaza.”

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It is estimated that around 10,000 bodies are buried under the rubble in Gaza, with 80,000 people injured and 400,000 people who are believed to be suffering from illness.

“There’s a real risk that the final numbers of people who die in Gaza will completely overshadow those who were killed directly by bombing,” Whitford said.

Colleagues in Gaza have told Whitford that malnutrition, infection and dehydration were contributing to many deaths, even if they were not the direct cause.

“Both starvation and dehydration are clearly used as a weapon of war, which is against international humanitarian law,” Whitford continued.

“Personally, I think David Cameron [below] is relatively uncomfortable with the space that he found himself appointed to.

The National: Former prime minister David Cameron said the decision on HS2 ‘is the wrong one’ (Yui Mok/PA)

“You can hear that he is becoming more uncomfortable with the UK Government’s position, but it’s taking [the Government] an awfully long time to change language or even to be a critical friend to Israel.

“They are trashing international law itself in their attempts to defend what Israel is doing in Gaza, and therefore they’ve lost all moral authority.

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“If this is the baseline of revenge and retribution, that leads to a very dark future ahead.”

The World Health Programme previously stated that famine in Gaza was “imminent”, with more than one million people expected to face “catastrophic” hunger unless significantly more food is allowed to enter Gaza.

‘Struggling to find the words’

Alba MP Kenny MacAskill (below) told The National he had signed the letter for two reasons.

The National: “Firstly, there’s a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding as a result of Israeli actions,” MacAskill said.

“UNRWA are on the ground and best placed to react to it.

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“Secondly, the funding was suspended simply on the basis of Israeli allegations which have been refuted.

“Humanity – never mind natural justice – dictate it should be restored, and now.”

Meanwhile, SNP MP Anne McLaughlin (below) said she was “struggling to find the words to express what I know all right-thinking human beings are thinking about this”, as the death toll in Gaza has reached more than 32,000.

The National: Anne McLaughlinMcLaughlin said: “People have starved to death. Children have starved to death. I have met UK based Palestinians who speak to their loved ones on the phone and they tell them they don’t know if they’ll ever eat again. They are slowly and painfully dying.

“I am struggling to find the words to express what I know all right thinking human beings are thinking about this. Perhaps those words don’t exist.

“But there are most definitely actions that can be taken and there is zero excuse for not resuming funding to UNRWA.”

In a post on Twitter/X, SNP MP Joanna Cherry said she had signed the letter “on my own behalf” and “on behalf of so many of my #EdinburghSouthWest constituents who like me are aghast at the use of starvation as a weapon of war in #Gaza.”

Parliament is currently in Easter Recess and is due to sit again on April 15.