The National:

DRIVERS in Edinburgh have been having a bit of trouble recently it seems.

As The National has previously reported, a bug in satnav systems caused a bit of trouble for motorists in the capital earlier in the year, directing them down a staircase.

Unperturbed, multiple drivers – including one small lorry – attempted to cut down the route anyway. Of course, they got stuck.

Now, another motorist in the Scottish capital has come in for a spot of bother after apparently choosing the wrong place to park.

Images shared on social media show a Specsavers van in a tricky position on Edinburgh’s Castle Street.

Directly next to the stuck van is a red sign stating: "Caution. Automatic bollards in operation. No parking.”

Aidan McNelis spotted the van and told the SWNS news agency the obvious joke: "Should've gone to Specsavers.”

The popular World Bollard Association social media account also shared the image, writing: “You couldn’t make this up.

"Congratulations @Specsavers, this is absolutely magnificent.”

One user responded: "If this isn’t an advertisement is needs to be."

"Makes me even happier that I now use Vision Express," another quipped, while others added: "Can't park there mate."

A classic.