A SCOTTISH cafe has insisted it is a victim of mistaken identity after a viral social media post of a serving of beans on toast was branded an “insult”.

The owner of the Deacon's House Cafe, in Edinburgh, said the photo has “nothing to do” with his business – and called out people who are writing negative reviews for him off the back of it.

It comes after a post on the “mildlyinfuriating” platform on Reddit, which has more than seven million users.

The social media “subreddit” is dedicated to little things which annoy users, and one account posted an image of the beans on toast they had been served.

“The amount of beans on my beans on toast from a cafe in Edinburgh,” the user wrote, sharing an image of two slices of buttered white bread with around a tablespoon of beans on each.

The National: The Reddit postThe Reddit post (Image: Reddit)

Other users branded the serving “disgusting” and a “joke”, while one wrote: “That’s an insult to just about everyone who enjoys beans on toast.”

In response to the hundreds of replies, the original poster then claimed they had been served the dish at Edinburgh's Deacon's House Cafe.

However, Philippe Bachelet, the cafe’s owner, has insisted it has nothing to do with him – and his cafe does not even serve white bread.

“The photo has got nothing to do with us,” he said. “It's not us at all. We've never ever served white bread, first.

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“Beans on toast? That's not part of our menu. Check my menu on the internet, you will see.

“Somebody has got it totally wrong. Somebody's got it totally wrong and now we're getting abused for something [we’ve] got nothing to do with.”

Bachelet said people who have never even visited his cafe are writing bad reviews on Google and using the image.

The business has more than 1700 reviews on the search giant’s platform, but the most recent are negative and mention the beans on toast photograph.

In one example, a user wrote: “Just seen a famous Reddit photo of toast with 20 beans on them. Sort it out Deacons that's just not Scottish.”

Bachelet said: “I cannot believe that people are [doing that]. I should not have to deny it. I shouldn't have to do anything. It's got nothing to do with me.

“What I know is that it is not us – and I would like to stop getting the blame for something that we don't do. I think it's so unfair.

“I'm amazed that beans and toast can create such a story. Just some beans.

“It has got absolutely nothing to do with us and people are free to come and check, come to the premises and they can see what we do.”

The cafe owner added that he agreed with the backlash to the original photo, saying he thinks servings like in the image “should not happen”.