A CANDIDATE for Reform UK has been sacked for the party after claiming Scotland is like a “turd that won’t flush”.

Beau Dade had been set to stand for Reform UK, although an investigation by anti-racist charity Hope Not Hate also uncovered an article in which he called for immigrants to be sent back to their “country of origin”.

Another video posted online found him saying that former Tory MP Enoch Powell – known for his anti-immigration “Rivers of Blood” speech – had “undersold” his stance on immigration.

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The Daily Record reports that during an online discussion on the Full English show, Dade said: “The Scottish economy is tiny anyway, I mean, what do they actually export? Irn-Bru and smack.

“I mean seriously, it’s a joke. Their population is tiny isn’t it? I think Greater London has got a much, bigger population, twice as big than the whole of Scotland.”

He added: “If you look, historically, they’re just like this, as far as the English are concerned, they are like a turd that won’t flush. It’s like a boil that you have to keep lancing over and over again.

“It’s sort of a joke but it’d be funny if Westminster gave them their independence unilaterally and that day later that day, you sent in the RAF and the parachute regiment and invade them entirely. And that’s it – put an end to any idea of sovereignty.”

The spotlight has now turned to Reform’s decision to select Dade as a candidate in Swindon South.

However, a spokesperson told the Record: “We sacked him. It was brought to our attention and we acted quickly, unlike other parties. We don’t want to be represented by someone like that.”

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In the article uncovered by Hope Not Hate, Dade said: “The end game is to be in a position where it is possible to re-migrate hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – of people back to their countries of origin.

“This should be done without breaking the law, without shedding blood, and with as little disgrace for all involved as possible.”

He added: "All deportees should return to their country of origin regardless of that country’s human rights record. If a deportee refuses to disclose their country of origin, then they face perpetual imprisonment; they should not be allowed back into the general population of Britain.

“The reality of this policy will inevitably be messy. Whole families crying and shrieking and being violent and destructive when they are being detained. This is just one more unfortunate horror which the leftists and globalists and traitors have forced upon us.”

In another online video, he said of Powell: “Even in the 1990s, you could point to Enoch Powell and say, he had exaggerated a bit, hadn’t he.

“And now you can say he undersold it.”

The news comes after a new poll found Reform UK hit their highest level of support since the party’s inception, according to YouGov figures.

Speaking to The National, the party’s deputy chair in Scotland David Kirkwood said they “don’t need” a formal leader north of the Border.

The National: Maggie Chapman

A number of MSPs welcomed Dade’s sacking, including Maggie Chapman (above) of the Scottish Greens.

She said: “These comments are as dangerous as they are obscene. They are lifted straight out of the most extreme of far-right playbooks.

“No-one who would say anything like this should ever be welcome in any remotely respectable political party, let alone being chosen to stand for Westminster.”

Labour MSP Paul O’Kane said: “Dade’s sacking is welcome news but its deeply concerning that Reform Party ever entertained him as a candidate.

“His provocative and poisonous rhetoric has no place in our political discourse and has rightly been identified and called out. Thankfully Dade’s own credibility and vitriolic bile has been flushed away”.