A FRAGMENT of the Stone of Destiny in possession of the SNP is set to be reunited with the rest of the stone at the new Perth Museum.

Scottish Government papers revealed that in 2008, the fragment of the stone was gifted to the SNP by John MacCormick’s son, Prof Sir Neil MacCormick, and it has subsequently been safely housed in SNP HQ.

In light of this information MP for Perth and North Perthshire Wishart wrote to Murray Foote, SNP chief executive, to request for the fragment to be given to the new Perth Museum.

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The SNP National Executive Committee (NEC) has since agreed for it to be passed to the Keepers of the Regalia, with a request for it to be reunited with the rest of the stone at Perth Museum.

Wishart welcomed the news, saying: “When I heard that this fragment was in SNP HQ, I was keen to ensure that it could be reunited with the stone at its new home at Perth Museum.

"I am absolutely delighted that the SNP has agreed to this request, and that the fragment is being passed on.

"I also hope the Keepers of the Regalia will favourably consider the party’s request that it is displayed along with the Stone if its provenance is confirmed.

“This fragment has its own particular story and will be a fantastic addition to the rich tapestry and mystery surrounding the stone.

"I am grateful to all at SNP HQ for the helpful way in which they are cooperating in its return."

The National:

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It is understood that the fragment is soon to be assessed by Historic Environment Scotland on behalf of the Keepers of the Regalia in order to verify that it is indeed part of the original stone.

Foote said: “When Pete first wrote to us, we wanted to do everything possible to ensure that the fragment was given to the new Perth Museum to be viewed by the Scottish public with the rest of the stone.

"I am pleased it is being given over to the safe-keeping of the Keepers of the Regalia with our request that it is reunited with the rest of the stone.

“Given its unique journey from its origins to our stewardship, we hope to see it on full display in the near future.”