SCOTTISH Labour have entered their second day of silence on their UK colleagues praising Margaret Thatcher – despite demands they make their position clear.

Anas Sarwar’s party has refused to comment on a slew of top Labour figures praising the divisive former Tory prime minister as a “visionary” who oversaw “national renewal”.

SNP MSP Elena Whitham has called on Scottish Labour to come clean on their position on Thatcher – but her calls fell on deaf ears.

The National: David Lammy

After shadow foreign secretary David Lammy (above) hailed Thatcher as a “visionary”, Whitham said: “Have we all woken up in a parallel universe? What do Labour even stand for anymore?

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“Placing Thatcher on a pedestal is beyond revolting to those left behind when she decimated our coalfields and our industry. Scottish Labour what say you?”

But when approached by The National again for a response to UK Labour praising Thatcher, Scottish Labour failed to respond.

On Tuesday, the party ignored calls from SNP chief whip Owen Thompson to make clear whether they backed “applauding Thatcher’s hideous legacy”.

When approached by The National earlier this week, a Scottish Labour spokesperson said Sarwar had previously distanced himself from Keir Starmer’s top team in instances where they had spoken positively about Thatcher and her legacy.