FORMER Tory MP Rory Stewart has suggested England should get a say in Scottish independence.

The Rest is Politics podcast host said Scottish independence is not a question “only for Scotland”.

Speaking on the show with Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, Stewart debated whether Scotland should have the right to hold another referendum on its constitutional future.

The Brighton Pavilion MP said: “It should be up to Scotland. I think Scotland should decide whether or not it wants to remain part of the UK.”

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She added: “But work that out within Scotland, don’t come running to a government in Westminster to say whether or not you can do that.

"If there isn’t support for that within Scotland then I’m sure that the party who is proposing that won’t do so well and won’t have the right and the power to introduce it.

“But what I’m objecting to is one component part of the United Kingdom having a veto on whether another component part has the right to have a referendum on whether or not to leave.”

Stewart said the situation on not allowing another referendum was not “abnormal”, comparing it to countries like Spain, where secession is banned, or the US.

He said: “It’s not a simple question of ‘here’s a component part of the country and it can continually create [these] deeply destabilising moves again and again’.

"And also that the rest of the country doesn’t have a say. I mean, I don’t think it is only for Scotland, the question of Scottish independence.”

The former Tory MP added: “You defining England as separate from Scotland is problematic because I would argue that actually the rest of the country does have some sort of interest in the question of how nations relate to each other.

"It isn’t purely for Scotland.”