FIONA Bruce interrupted Stephen Flynn just 30 seconds into his opening speech on BBC Question Time.

The SNP Westminster leader was answering a question about the UK Government yesterday changing its definition of extremism for his first intervention on the show.

“The good news is that this government is coming to an end. The bad news is that they've not realised it yet,” Flynn said to applause from the audience in Liverpool.

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“So they're going to spend whatever time they have left to divide and distract from the chaos of the last 14 years. Austerity, public services on their knees. The damage of Brexit, a prime minister who lied, a prime minister who crashed the economy.”

The BBC host then interrupted Flynn (above) to encourage him to answer the original question.

“This is an important point because we cannot allow ourselves to fall for that distraction,” Flynn responded.

“We need to make sure that we, as the good people of Liverpool have done since 1983 and the people of Scotland have done since 1955, reject the Tories at the ballot box.”

He added: “And when it comes to extremism, I think someone should provide the Conservative party with a mirror because the only people who have threatened parliamentary democracy on these aisles are the people who shut down Westminster illegally, the people who seem to undermine the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Parliament at every turn.

He went on to applause from the audience: “And the people who accepted £10 million pounds from someone who was a racist and called for one of my colleagues to be shot.”