LABOUR have been slammed after their MPs “went home” rather than vote against the Tory Budget.

No Labour MP voted on Tuesday night on Budget measures including a reduction in the higher rate of capital gains tax to 24% for residential property gains.

They also failed to vote on collecting income tax – a parliamentary formality requiring MPs to approve the collection of income taxes.

SNP MPs have responded furiously after Labour MPs failed to oppose the Budget.

Drew Hendry (below), the party’s economy spokesperson, said: “Last night we voted against a budget that fails to help people with the cost of living crisis, fails to invest in public services, in jobs, action on climate change and bakes in austerity. Labour went home.”

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Dundee East MP Chris Law hit out at Labour’s Michael Shanks, who posted to Twitter/X to hit out both at the Tories and the SNP.

Law said: “Once again Scottish Labour MPs support the Tory budget despite their bleating by NOT voting against it. Silence is complicity.”

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Now, SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn has challenged Keir Starmer to oppose a measure to be put to a vote on Wednesday which will cut National Insurance Contributions by 2%.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies think tank have warned that the cocktail of tax cuts and spending increases in protected areas – including in the NHS – will result in swingeing cuts in other areas of the state.

It estimated that there will be a real-terms cut to net public sector investment of more than 25% (£18 billion) between 2024–25 and 2028–29 and up to £25bn on a spending per person basis.

Flynn said: “The SNP will vote against the Tory budget to protect our NHS and public services. Having already slashed Scotland's budget – it's reckless in the extreme for Westminster to impose another decade of painful austerity cuts.

“Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer must stop deceiving voters and own up over where the axe will fall under their shameful plans for £18bn cuts to public services.

“I urge Sir Keir to perform another one of his U-turns – and join the SNP in voting against the Tory Budget. People in Scotland are appalled that he has thrown his support behind it.

“Unlike Sunak and Starmer, the SNP will always stand up for Scotland's values, defend our NHS, and offer Scotland the choice of a better future with independence.”