ENERGY has long been a hot topic for National readers, whether it's digging into the impact of the McCrone Report, the consequences of rising bills, or shining a spotlight on our incredible renewables capacity. 

Now, with Jeremy Hunt's extension of the windfall tax prompting a major debate over North Sea oil and gas and its role in the transition to net-zero, the issue is central to this important election year. 

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This week on Talking Scotland, our podcast collaboration with Aberdeen Independence Movement exploring the big issues outside of the media's central belt lens, the just transition will be the key theme. 

We'll be joined by SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn and Aberdeenshire councillor Fatima Joji as they discuss what a just transition actually looks like for the north east.

The National:

"Whether you see it as an economic and environmental necessity, a golden opportunity or a sad reality, just transition has to happen – otherwise Aberdeen and other parts of the north east and Northern Isles could become like the mining communities of the 1980s," SNP candidate Glen Reynolds wrote of the subject in this week's Sunday National.

"Our job is to give Scotland a vision of what a just transition will look like, to give hope, to inspire, and to provide a credible roadmap. That is why I will be listening very carefully to the Talking Scotland podcast with Aberdeenshire councillor Fatima Joji and Stephen Flynn MP discussing all things energy, especially the just transition."

Join us at 1.30pm on Tuesday, March 12, on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to join this important conversation.