KEIR Starmer has been praised by Steve Bannon, a far-right commentator and former adviser to Donald Trump.

During an interview with Andrew Marr on LBC, Bannon was asked what the Trump campaign’s view was of the Labour leader.

“I’ve always been very impressed with Sir Keir,” said Bannon.

“I’m not a Labour guy by a long shot but I’ve always been very impressed with him.

“I think on the other hand the Tories – I would equate the Tories to where the Republican Party was before Donald Trump came on the scene.

“Remember, MAGA is a populist, nationalist movement. We’re much more nationalistic, much more America First, and we’re very populist.

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“We can’t stand and hate the elites that have allowed the decline of our country.”

He added that he believed the current leadership of the Conservative Party would collapse and be replaced by figures such as Nigel Farage.

“I think the Tory Party, as you see it today, will essentially collapse at the next election or be rebuilt I think with a populist, with people like Nigel Farage and others who are populist nationalists.

“That’s how you’ll rebuild the Tory Party to be something that can compete with Labour.”

It comes after former prime minister Liz Truss was criticised for her appearance on Bannon’s podcast The War Room.

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Last year, a study found that Bannon’s podcast was the top peddler of false, misleading or unsubstantiated claims among political podcasts in America.

During the episode featuring Truss, Bannon described far-right activist Tommy Robinson as a “hero”.

The Tory MP failed to challenge Bannon on the description of Robinson, who has twice been convicted of assault.

It resulted in opposition MPs calling on the Conservative Party to suspend Truss on similar grounds to Lee Anderson, who had the whip removed after claiming Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was controlled by Islamists.