THE American rapper and actor Ice T has criticised Labour leader Keir Starmer.

Ice T condemned the Labour leader as a “clown” on X/Twitter after responding to fictionalised comments attributed to Starmer by the parody account Women for Wes.

The account posted screenshots of a fictional magazine interview which showed Starmer claiming Ice T had a “corrosive” effect on young people.

“My son is fifteen,” said the fictionalised Starmer.

“He loves computer games. Vic likes to keep an eye on our kids’ social media accounts to make sure they’re safe, and one day she comes to me and show me my son’s Twitter profile.

“He’s been sharing all this truly vile stuff from some man called Ice-T.

“I don’t much watch telly so I thought ‘Hang on, why’s he sharing stuff from a drink?’

“But I soon discovered that he’s an American entertainer – rapper, actor, whatever else – and he was running a network of abusive users online called the Final Level Twitter Gang.

“He posted all sorts of rubbish: swear words, illegal activities. It was affecting the way my son was behaving. We had to take his phone off him.

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“[Labour] is looking at ways we can really beef up the Malicious Communications act so we can stop this kind of thing before someone gets seriously hurt”.

Apparently unaware that the comments were a parody, Ice T responded: “Oh Shit!!! We’re FAMOUS! The FLTG [Final Level Twitter Gang] struck a nerve! You gotta read this…F this clown”.

The rapper’s comments have now been viewed more than a million times and garnered thousands of likes.