AN SNP MP has accused the UK Government of “undermining Scotland” after analysis found that the block grant will be the lowest since devolution.

Pete Wishart, the party’s longest-serving MP, has said the Scottish Government’s funding from Westminster would exacerbate the cost crisis facing households.

New analysis (below) from the House of Commons Library suggests that Scotland’s block grant will consist of just 3.5% of UK Government spending in 2023/24 and 2024/25, according to the Autumn Statement plans.

The Scottish Government's funds are mostly set by the UK Government through the block grant – the size of which is determined by the Barnett formula.

The research suggests it will be the first time the figure has dropped so low since the devolution settlement began.

The previous low of 3.6% was issued in 2014/15 and for three consecutive years from 2016/17 (full table below).

The National:

Reacting to the analysis, Wishart said that Scotland is “routinely treated with contempt” by Westminster.

“And here we have even more proof that we are being short-changed and sidelined,” he added.

The comments come ahead of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s spring Budget on Wednesday, with Deputy First Minister Shona Robison pushing for an increase in funding to the devolved administrations through Barnett consequentials.

This call was also echoed by SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn, who urged the Chancellor to boost NHS spending by £15 billion to create an additional £1.2 billion for Scottish health spending via the same mechanism.

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Wishart, meanwhile, was sharp in his criticism of the impact of Tory “economic mismanagement”.

“Scotland’s economy has taken a sharp hit from a combination of Westminster’s Brexit and Tory economic mismanagement – neither of which we voted for,” he said.

“To make significant cuts to the block grant after already imposing economic chaos on Scotland shows the UK Government couldn’t care less about businesses and households here.

“Tory cuts are already causing hardship for people in Scotland – to the point the SNP Scottish Government has had to step in and spend billions to limit the damage being done to households. This cut to our block grant will make things worse.”

He added: “This isn’t a one-off, it’s part of a pattern – Westminster has repeatedly undermined Scotland and our government through economic mismanagement, austerity cuts, imposing Brexit or attempting power grabs.

“It’s clear that Westminster cannot be trusted to serve Scotland’s needs.

“And with Labour signed up to the same Tory policies that are harming Scotland and our economy, it’s obvious there’s no true alternative. Only a vote for the SNP at the next election will ensure we have MPs who will stand up for Scotland, our values and our right to choose our future.”

The UK Government said Scotland receives about 25% more funding per person than equivalent spending in other parts of the UK.

A Treasury spokesman said: “The Scottish Government is currently receiving a record £41 billion per year funding settlement from the UK Government – the largest in the history of devolution and one that was further topped up by decisions taken at autumn statement.

Health is the Scottish Government’s devolved responsibility – one it is well-funded to meet and deliver on for the people of Scotland.”