SCOTTISH comedian and TikTok sensation Zara Gladman has spoken about how the 2014 independence referendum changed her life.

Speaking to this week’s Sunday National, the comedian discussed how the referendum had a “huge impact” on her.

During the lead-up to the 2014 independence vote, Gladman created the now iconic Lady Alba character (below).

The National:

She said: “It [the referendum] politicised me. I was living in London when the Edinburgh Agreement was signed, I was working down there but then I moved back [to Glasgow] not long after that.

“It was during the Yes campaign and I found the city completely changed. I think possibly as a result of the indyref, there was all these pop-up events, music, poetry, comedy.”

Gladman previously told The National she thinks she’s moved on from the character but would be keen to see what others can come up with in the event of a second vote on independence.

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Looking back to 2014, she continued: “There was an amazing sense of community and possibility so I really got involved with that, I had an amazing summer and also my activism encouraged me to start performing because that was my way of contributing.

“I got so consumed by it and it was such a devastating blow when we found out the result that I actually gave up comedy not long after.

“It’s taken me a long time to come back to performing so that whole period had a huge impact on me, on my politics, my performing and my outlook.”

Now, Gladman is known for her viral “west end mum” videos and is looking forward to performing at the Glasgow Comedy Festival next month – more information about all the events can be found HERE.

Gladman’s full interview with the Sunday National will be available to read on Sunday, March 3.