A NEW scheme has been launched in Wales to boost understanding of the Welsh language among newcomers.

The cultural ambassador scheme has been announced on St David’s Day in a bid to support people arriving in the country to learn more about the Welsh language and its importance to communities.

Ambassadors will provide support and guidance for businesses to use and promote the language and to work locally to strengthen social networks.

Wales’ Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles, has become the first person to be a cultural ambassador.

He said: “I’m very proud to be a cultural ambassador and to launch the scheme on St David’s Day.

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“St David’s message was to ‘do the little things,’ and becoming an ambassador is a simple yet effective way of supporting and promoting the Welsh language, helping people integrate into their new communities, welcome visitors, and raise awareness of our heritage and culture.

“If you want to support the Welsh language in your area, or know of somebody in your community who would be an ideal ambassador, then go for it and spread the word.”

Any person or business can volunteer to become an ambassador by completing interactive modules on the history of the Welsh language and its role today on the Wales Ambassador website.

Bronze level modules have been launched already and silver and gold ones will be added to the platform later this year.

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After completing the modules, ambassadors receive a certificate, badge, window sticker and information pack about the support available such as a free translation service.

It comes amid concerns around the recent scrapping of a Gaelic national development scheme in Scotland.

The campaign group Misneachd Alba has said it shows the language “is being killed”. It is reported that contracts of two language planning officers and an education manager will not be renewed in the next financial year – as well as the organisation’s Gaelic Development Officer scheme.