A REPORT published by a cross-party committee of MPs in Westminster has called for a “lasting ceasefire” in Gaza.

The International Development Committee report on the ongoing humanitarian situation in Gaza caused by Israel’s continued bombardment concluded that nothing short of a 30-day ceasefire would prevent further suffering by civilians.

The report, which was published on Friday, noted that “getting aid into Gaza was unnecessarily difficult”.

It also highlighted the comments of NGOs who spoke of “almost malicious bureaucracy, which saw trucks turned back for carrying just one perceived dual use item (although it was not explained what that one item was, nor why it was rejected)”.

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It called on the UK Government to demand all existing land crossings into Gaza be opened as “this is the only way to avoid famine”.

MPs also called on the UK to out pressure on Israel to allow commercial goods to enter Gaza and be delivered safely in order to supplement aid supplies.

However, it acknowledged that all these measures would not prevent further harm to Gazans unless there was a ceasefire.

“The Committee is clear that unless there is a lasting ceasefire, this catastrophe will continue to escalate,” it said.

“According to those we spoke to, anything less than 30 days would not allow enough aid in, or give time medical and aid workers to get required visas”.

The report also noted that the UK Government had to hold Israel to account over its alleged breaking of international humanitarian law.

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According to Amnesty International, Israel has failed to comply with demands from the International Court of Justice to allow more aid to enter Gaza immediately.

“Following the ruling by the International Court of Justice on 26 January, the UK Government must push Israel to allow the necessary aid into Gaza.

“The Committee has received no reassurance that healthcare workers and facilities are being protected, as is required under international humanitarian law, and the UK Government must insist that every measure is taken to offer this protection.”

It added that the “UK Government must press for evidence to be gathered contemporaneously so that thorough investigations about compliance with international law on both sides can take place after the fighting stops”.

SNP MP Chris Law, who sits as a member of the International Development Committee, told The National:

“During preparation for this report, the International Development Committee met with and took evidence from a number of aid workers with direct experience delivering aid in Gaza, and committee members visited Egypt to witness aid delivery efforts first-hand.

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“Nothing could truly prepare me for what I have heard over the last few months. I expected to hear harrowing stories, but the scale of the disaster didn’t hit home until I heard it directly from those who have spent the last five months desperately trying to tackle this crisis. 

“There has been a complete breakdown in order, and the delivery of aid is becoming impossible. The devastating events yesterday, where over a hundred Palestinians are alleged to have been killed during the delivery of an aid shipment to the north of Gaza, were sadly unexpected. Aid workers have been warning that an event like this was inevitable for weeks now.

“Aid workers have been clear – they need a lasting ceasefire so that some level of order can be restored and the delivery of life-saving aid can take place without fear of death or attack. I am glad to see that the International Development Committee’s report has reflected these calls, and the UK Government must now listen and do everything it can within its power to bring this conflict to an end.”

The report comes as the health ministry in Gaza announced that more than 30,000 Palestinians had been killed since Israeli attacks began on October 7.