THE SNP are set to win a clear majority of Scottish seats at the next General Election, according to a new poll.

The new polling from Survation, commissioned by Quantum Communications, predicted that the SNP would return 38% of the vote, while Labour were five points behind on 33%.

The SNP have gained two points and Labour lost one since the last Survation Scottish General Election poll in January.

The Tories were estimated to win just 15% of the votes in Scotland, the lowest vote share for the party since Liz Truss was prime minister.

Elsewhere, the LibDems recorded 8% of the vote, while 7% of Scots said they would be backing a different party.

The National:

When the results were put into the Electoral Calculus prediction tool for The National by a polling expert, it suggested the SNP are on for a clear majority.

The tool suggested that, on 38% of the vote, the SNP would win 38 Scottish seats out of a total 57.

Labour would win 14 MPs and the LibDems four, it estimated, while the Tories would return just one.

Commenting, SNP depute leader Keith Brown said: “It’s encouraging to see people continue to put their trust in the SNP to deliver for the people of Scotland. But we won't take a single vote for granted and we will keep working hard to stand up and protect Scotland's values.

Westminster is not working for Scotland. The cost of living crisis is hammering Scottish households and neither Labour or the Tories are offering any alternative to broken Brexit Britain.”

A Scottish Conservative spokesperson said: “Voters know that in swathes of seats across Scotland only the Scottish Conservatives can beat the scandal-ridden SNP and move the focus from their independence obsession to people’s real priorities, like economic growth and fixing Scotland’s ailing public services.”

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Survation polled 1043 Scottish adults aged 16 and above between February 14 and 20.

Alan Roden, the co-chief executive of Quantum Communications and a former communications director with Scottish Labour, said: “This year’s General Election is not a foregone conclusion, but it appears to be a two-horse race when it comes to winning most seats.

“The SNP will be buoyed by the findings, with the party focused on appealing to voters in the north-east and defending Stephen Flynn’s Aberdeen seat.

“But Labour’s lead in parts of the central belt is significant, suggesting there won’t be a uniform swing across Scotland – and many SNP seats in densely populated urban areas are vulnerable."

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Damian Lyons Lowe, chief executive of Survation, added: “Labour’s opinion polling success since the 2019 General Election means the SNP faces off against Labour in scores of now-marginal seats as their key challenger.

“While this poll shows a modest lead for the SNP over Labour, this is the largest SNP lead over Labour we have recorded since May 2023.

“Were these results to be replicated at a general election, the SNP would remain the largest party in Scotland in terms of seats though Labour would see a number of gains in their former areas of strength."