The National:

ALEX Cole-Hamilton has been left red-faced after he claimed on a political leaflet to have won a prize which was actually won by a different MSP from a different party.

The Scots LibDem group leader’s gaffe was called out by Labour MSP Foysol Choudhury on social media.

Lothian MSP Choudhury wrote: “@scotlibdems are at it again.

“Get your facts right @agcolehamilton.

“I think you'll find I was the winner last year…”

Choudhury shared an image of himself holding a flyer from Cole-Hamilton which declares that he won the “2023 open all hours award for being the most accessible MSP to constituents” at the Holyrood magazine political awards.

But, as Choudhury’s trophy makes clear, Cole-Hamilton did not win that.

Embarrassingly, he wasn’t even on the shortlist.

To be fair to the Scottish LibDem leader, he did win the open all hours award in 2022. Time flies.

But, as Choudhury said, he really should be getting his facts right.

A Scottish LibDem spokesperson said: "Sadly it looks like a proof reading error snuck through.

"Alex was awarded the ‘open all hours’ accolade in 2022. We are happy to acknowledge Foysol's hard work as a champion for his local community in 2023.

"Alex will do his best to regain the trophy in 2024."