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IT’s the story that keeps on giving.

The story of a chaotic “Willy Wonka” experience gone wrong in Whiteinch has been picked up by news outlets all across the globe.

Despite promising “mind-expanding projects and optical marvels,” parents were left less than impressed with the £35-per-ticket “Willy Wonka Chocolate Experience”.

Children were left in tears and the organiser of the event, Billy Coull of the House of Illuminati, issued an apology about the event and confirmed refunds would be issued.

The National:

Now, Scottish actress Karen Gillan has picked up on the event and joked that she wants to be cast in an adaptation of the story.

Known for her roles as Amy Pond in Doctor Who and as Nebula in the Marvel universe, the actress took to Twitter/X to share her thoughts: “PLEASE CAST ME IN THIS. Like a movie based on this story, not the actual thing.

“Actually no, either is fine.”

The National:

One user replied to say that Gillan’s next “Oscar-winning role” could come as the now viral image of the event’s Oompa Loompa.

The National: Paul Conell told his story of the Willy Wonka experience

Another joked that the film could be titled “The Phantom of the Wonka” while a third person said: “High schools have better productions than this.”

Perhaps Gillan should approach actor Paul Connell (above, right) for some advice. He played Willy Wonka at the experience and has since spoken out about what happened, saying he was “told to hide” when parents became furious.

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Plenty of other roles would be up for grabs too, including the “unknown” – described as an “evil chocolate maker” who lives in the walls.

It might not be the most obvious way to put Scotland on the map, but The Jouker know we’d certainly be keen to catch an adaptation of this in the cinema.