THE political editor of Sky News has been called out for stating “opinion rather than fact” in her analysis of the SNP’s ceasefire motion.

In a thread on X/Twitter discussing the chaos which occurred in the House of Commons after Speaker Lindsay Hoyle’s handling of the SNP’s opposition day motion calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, Rigby accused the SNP of trying to “target Labour”.

She said: “This week the SNP used their opposition day debates to try to target Labour rather than the govt.

“With Lab their main rival in Scotland ahead of GE, SNP wanted to cause trouble for Lab and exposing rifts within [the] party over Starmer’s position on the Israel-Hamas war.”

However, Rigby’s comment was for a time subject to a community note on the website.

It stated: “This post expresses the journalist’s opinion rather than fact.

“The SNP has been pressing all parties at Westminster to back an immediate ceasefire since November 2023.”

The community note has now been removed.

But SNP MP Philippa Whitford also took issue with Rigby’s analysis.

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She said: “Nonsense @BethRigby!

“Since @HumzaYousaf called for a #Ceasefire in #Gaza on 10/10/23 @theSNP MPs have been CONSISTENTLY calling for #ImmediateCeasefire at WM, including in our amendment to Kings Speech in November!”

It comes as the SNP say they intend to propose a new ceasefire motion in Westminster, which will set out “concrete steps the UK Government can take to achieve an immediate ceasefire”.