A "MEGA rare" bird has been spotted in a Scottish garden – the first sighting on the UK mainland since 2014.

The Myrtle Warbler has set up camp in a garden in Garnock View in Kilwinning in Ayrshire.

According to reports, there are only around 30 sightings of the bird on record in the UK – almost all in the Western and Northern Isles.

It is also the first and only American warbler species to be recorded in Ayrshire. 

It was first seen in the town on Tuesday, February 20 and is believed to still be there.

It is thought to be the first time the bird has appeared in the UK mainland since 2014.

Visiting bird watchers have been arriving in the town to try and catch a glimpse of the bird, from as far away as Aberdeen, Cambridge, and Penzance. 

The Myrtle Warbler, a subspecies of the Yellow-Rumped Warbler, is most commonly found in Canada and parts of the United States.