SCOTTISH rapper and author Darren McGarvey has said the scenes in the House of Commons on Wednesday were an “unhelpful distraction” from what is happening in Gaza.

It comes after the Speaker of the House of Commons has been left fighting for his job after following a chaotic day in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

He decided to break with the “long-established convention” of the Parliament and allowed a debate on a Labour amendment to an SNP opposition day motion calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Dozens of MPs have already put their name to a no confidence motion in Hoyle while he has said he will meet with party leaders to explain his decision.

During his appearance on Debate Night, McGarvey, who goes by the stage name Loki, said what was happening in Gaza is an “affront to any civilisation”.

“I watched as much of the debate as I could while caring for my young children at home,” he said.

“While there are often very thoughtful, considered contributions there was a great deal of grandstanding going on as well and that’s before the kind of debacle that occurred a bit later on in the day.

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“I’m going to avoid talking about the spectacle of the grandstanding because I think what happens is it becomes an unhelpful distraction from what I believe that we should be focused on which is that what’s happening in Palestine right now is an affront to any civilisation.

“And that Britain as it stands has a lot of blood on its hands.”

He added that the debate touched on several issues, including a two-state solution, and the obligations of both Israel and Hamas.

McGarvey continued: “But a lot of the debate arises out of a very dangerous historical amnesia which has set in in this part of the world generally which is the privileging of an Israeli perspective over a Palestinian perspective.

“And I don’t want to paint an unhelpful dichotomy but even before the October 7 attack, Israel was in contravention of international law then.

“This peacetime that we talk about, this time where there was a ceasefire that Hamas obviously broke with its horrendous attacks.

“This was already a time when Israel was violating the spirit and the letter of accords that were signed to try and bring about a better situation over there.

“Aggressive expansion of territory, not fulfilling its obligations as an occupying force and unfortunately we should rely on our political class, we’re always hearing about how posh they are and therefore how educated they are and it’s amazing how this whole debate is grounded in a version of reality, which actually bears no resemblance to the reality.”