MORE than 90 MPs and counting have signed a motion declaring they have no confidence in the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Lindsay Hoyle is fighting for his job after being forced to apologise for breaking with “long-established convention” to allow a debate on a Labour amendment to an SNP opposition day motion, avoiding a rebellion for Keir Starmer's party.

Both Tory and SNP MPs were left furious at the decision, with senior minister Penny Mordaunt (below) giving a special statement in which she claimed Hoyle had “undermined” the House of Commons and said the Government would be boycotting the vote on a Gaza ceasefire as a result.

The three Plaid Cymru MPs have also joined calls for the Speaker to go. 

The National: Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt (Victoria Jones/PA)

Labour’s amendment then passed without opposition, with the Speaker confirming he is to hold talks with party leaders to explain his decision.

Both Keir Starmer’s party and the deputy speaker Rosie Winterton refuted reports that Labour pressured Hoyle to allow their amendment to be debated, threatening to remove him from the Speaker’s chair after a General Election if he refused to do so.

Speaking to The National on Hoyle's position meanwhile, one SNP MP said he "simply cannot remain in post" while another added: "Can't see him surviving – it was a total shambles of his and Labour's making. Shameful."

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Here’s the full list of MPs who have signed the motion – put forward by Tory MP William Wragg – of no confidence in the Speaker:

  • David Linden (SNP)
  • Stewart McDonald (SNP)
  • Chris Law (SNP)
  • John McNally (SNP)
  • Gavin Newlands (SNP)
  • Pete Wishart (SNP)
  • Martyn Day (SNP)
  • Joanna Cherry (SNP)
  • Patricia Gibson (SNP)
  • Alison Thewliss (SNP)
  • Anum Qaisar (SNP)
  • Douglas Chapman (SNP)
  • Carol Monaghan (SNP)
  • Marco Longhi (Conservative)
  • Drew Hendry (SNP)
  • Rob Roberts (Independent)
  • Anne McLaughlin (SNP)
  • John Nicolson (SNP)
  • Simon Baynes (Conservative)
  • Shaun Bailey (Conservative)
  • Matt Warman (Conservative)
  • Alyn Smith (SNP)
  • Kirsty Blackman (SNP)
  • Ronnie Cowan (SNP)
  • Steve Double (Conservative)
  • Danny Kruger (Conservative)
  • William Wragg (Conservative)
  • Gary Sambrook (Conservative)
  • Jill Mortimer (Conservative)
  • John Stevenson (Conservative)
  • Kieran Mullan (Conservative)
  • Anthony Mangnall (Conservative)
  • James Duddridge (Conservative)
  • Jo Gideon (Conservative)
  • Chris Green (Conservative)
  • Bob Blackman (Conservative)
  • Tom Randall (Conservative)
  • Jonathan Lord (Conservative)
  • Karl McCartney (Conservative)
  • Derek Thomas (Conservative)
  • Jack Brereton (Conservative)
  • Tom Hunt (Conservative)
  • James Grundy (Conservative)
  • Brendan Clarke-Smith (Conservative)
  • Lee Anderson (Conservative)
  • Graham Brady (Conservative)
  • Eddie Hughes (Conservative)
  • Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Conservative)
  • Miriam Cates (Conservative)
  • Dave Doogan (SNP)
  • Amy Callaghan (SNP)
  • Robert Goodwill (Conservative)
  • Lia Nica (Conservative)
  • Brendan O'Hara (SNP)
  • Jonathan Gullis (Conservative)
  • Kelly Tolhurt (Conservative)
  • Alan Brown (SNP)
  • Luke Evans (Conservative)
  • Jane Hunt (Conservative)
  • Stephen Flynn (SNP)
  • Ian Levy (Conservative)
  • Mhairi Black (SNP)
  • Richard Thomson (SNP)
  • Kirsten Oswald (SNP)
  • Allan Dorans (SNP)
  • Paul Howell (Conservative)
  • Andrew Lewer (Conservative)
  • Mark Eastwood (Conservative)
  • Marion Fellows (SNP)
  • Hannah Bardell (SNP)
  • Ben Spencer (Conservative)
  • Steven Bonnar (SNP)
  • Dr Philippa Whitford (SNP)
  • Stewart Hosie (SNP)
  • Vicky Ford (Conservative)
  • Rachel Maclean (Conservative)
  • Sally-Ann Hart (Conservative)
  • Stuart McDonald (SNP)
  • Chris Stephens (SNP)
  • Martin Docherty-Hughes (SNP)
  • Adam Afriyie (Conservative)
  • Cherilyn Mackrory (Conservative)
  • Deidre Brock (SNP)
  • Hywel Williams (Plaid Cymru) 
  • Liz Saville Roberts (Plaid Cymru)
  • Ben Lake (Plaid Cymru) 
  • Angela Crawley (SNP)
  • Peter Grant (SNP)
  • Owen Thompson (SNP)
  • Tommy Sheppard (SNP)
  • Patrick Grady (SNP)
  • Paul Bristow (Conservative)
  • Richard Graham (Conservative)
  • Crispin Blunt (Independent)

Wishart said he had put his name to the motion because the “position of the Speaker is pretty much untenable”.

Meanwhile, writing on Twitter/X, Cherry said: “I’ve just signed the motion of #NoConfidence in Speaker Hoyle. There’s no way back for him for this.”