STEPHEN Flynn has said that an intervention from Prince William on the Scottish independence debate “might even motivate” some people to vote Yes.

Speaking to The News Agents podcast, the SNP Westminster leader was discussing Prince William’s call for an “end to the fighting as soon as possible” in Gaza.

He has spoken of the “terrible human cost of the conflict in the Middle East since the Hamas terrorist attack” ahead of a vote on a motion tabled by the SNP calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Asked what he made of William’s response, Flynn said: “You know, fair play to him for having the ability and, you know, the desire to come out and speak publicly about what is a hugely important issue.

“It’s something which has dominated most of our conversations for very many months now since obviously the abhorrent attacks on October 7 and you know that is welcome news, it’s a welcome intervention.”

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Flynn said it was “probably an understatement” to say he wasn’t the biggest monarchist in the world but that everyone was entitled to their opinion.

Scottish independence debate

Flynn was then asked by host Jon Sopel what his reaction would be if Prince William said something about the “importance of the United Kingdom staying together”.

He said “it wouldn’t surprise” anyone if William was to say something along those lines and added: “This separation between the monarchy and the state in terms of issues is something that vexes those who are perhaps the biggest supporters of the monarchy.

“If they want to have an opinion, they can have an opinion.”

Emily Maitlis then asked: “If Prince William did ask for the United Kingdom to stay together and said Scottish independence would be a tragic loss, you’d have a problem with that?”

He replied: “I’d be relaxed about it. You know what it might even motivate some people, particularly the younger generations to vote for independence, who knows.”