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HOSPITAL food has not got the best reputation, but a viral post on social media has highlighted just how bad some of the offerings are.

Hundreds of people have been sharing their gross-out meals from hospital stays after a user on Twitter/X posted an image of the food served to her father.

“This is the lunch served up to my father in the Queen Elizabeth [University] hospital, Glasgow today,” user @ginnylemons wrote. “An absolute disgrace. Disgusting.”

She shared an image of what is claimed to be turkey alongside what looks like a couple of potatoes and what – according to a menu on the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde website – might be potato croquettes.

The post has been viewed more than five million times. One user quipped in response: “Is that Alan Brazil’s face?”

Another wrote: “Exactly the state of the food my mother got last year at that hospital and at the [Royal Alexandra Hospital] in Paisley too.

“You’d think hospitals would be the first place to have nutritious food seeing as people are recovering…”

You might think that, but other users have been posting their horrible hospital food experiences, and the pictures suggest that nowhere is safe.

“My egg salad a few years ago,” one user posted, sharing an image of half a hard-boiled egg and some iceberg lettuce and apparently not joking. They added: “Fortunately I went home that day!”

“This is what I was served in hospital. Apparently it’s an omelette,” another added, sharing an image of food that at some point definitely had mac and cheese involved.

The National:

“Epsom General Hospital a couple of weeks ago. We never did work it out. Potato slop surprise with a side of potato slop? And it was stone cold,” a third shared.

“This food is not designed to sustain life. Here’s my late father’s dinner in hospital; potatoes 4 ways with tinned fruit in syrup!” another posted.

The National:

Just what is going on? The Jouker asked NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde at least, who apologised.

A spokesperson said: "NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is committed to serving fresh, healthy and appetising food to all our patients, and all meals served at our hospitals are prepared in-house to meet strict nutritional standards.

"However, on this occasion, the food we have served has fallen below the standards we set ourselves, and which patients should be able to expect, and we apologise to the patient involved and their family.

"We would encourage anyone who would like to discuss their meals to get in touch with our catering team who can quickly resolve any issues."