WE got an email in the inbox this week showing a great banner displayed in the Borders.

Lorne Anton from Ayton and a member of Yes Berwickshire sent the pictures, writing "electioneering appears to have arrived in the Borders" - and he seems to be right!

Yes Berwickshire bought two from Edinburgh Banners which are double sided, with the names, dates and flags of country's that have became independent.

They were inspired by Yes Oban - and the banners can be taken on marches or used at street stalls.

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Does Yes Oban still have a huge selection of banners with faces and quotes from Unionist politicians that groups can rent out? Let us know, or let us know if you have one, at grassroots@thenational.scot

Lorne said: "They were fantastic! We had Michael Gove's sleekit countenance on one with a quote along the lines of "every country has the right to self determination" - about BREXIT of course, not Scottish Independence!

"One day, we were at the gate talking to a neighbour and another dog walker went past and the dog went absolutely doo lally, barking and growling at Gove's face - not surprising really! He makes me barking mad just the look of him."

Elsewhere in Yes circles, this weekend is the Scottish independence congress hosted by Believe in Scotland.

Described as a day of “immense significance” by organisers, Saturday will see members from across the country come together to discuss campaigning in the year ahead.

The online event will take place from 10am until 4.45pm, with representatives from across the Yes movement joining to figure out the practical way ahead to independence.

Through a mixture of panel discussions, presentations and voting, all groups will be invited to have their say.

The National:

One panel sees members of the Believe in Scotland steering group – made up of representatives from 17 regions and 11 national campaigning groups – interviewed by myself about the inside workings of the organisation.

We - myself, Jacqui Jensen from Mid Scotland and Fife, Sharon Trish from the National Yes Network and David Spacey from Yes for EU - filmed our session in the BiS offices in Glasgow, which are hilariously on the same floor as the old Scottish Labour headquarters.

We discussed how Believe in Scotland operates and works towards independence, as well as future events. Hope you enjoy it!

And political party wise, its a big weekend.

First, the SNP are hosting a national campaign day on independence on Saturday, delivering their new leaflet across the country. Local Westminster candidates and their campaign teams have been in touch with members to update them on the ongoing work in each constituency.

Some are having to navigate the new boundary changes, with branches and activists attempting to ensure clear and effective communication while campaigning in their respective wards.

And then, Scottish Labour are heading to Glasgow for their annual party conference - and they won't be alone.

Pro-Palestine protesters are intending to march from George Square to the SEC with trade unions, calling for an immediate ceasefire.

It is not clear whether Keir Starmer is speaking this weekend, with no mention of him on the party agenda.