A SCOTTISH Family Party event in Orkney has been cancelled following backlash from a local community, according to party bosses. 

The leader of the party, Richard Lucas, was due to appear alongside Edinburgh branch chair Niel Deepnaran at the Community Association Hall on the island of Stronsay on Thursday evening.

However, when the event was advertised on a community Facebook page, one resident questioned why the group was being welcomed to the island.

They highlighted many of the party’s policies, including their anti-abortion stance, their call to remove psychological abuse from definitions of domestic abuse, and their opposition to same-sex marriage.

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According to a statement release by the party on X/Twitter, the venue has since cancelled the event.

“We made plans to travel to the island and a booking was accepted to use the Community Association Hall tonight,” it said.

“However, following hostility from some locals who seem to think that they can exercise a veto on political activity on Stronsay, the booking has been cancelled.

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“We find it deplorable that, in an open democratic society, anyone should seek to prevent any political party from holding a meeting.

“We are disappointed that the Community Association has capitulated to aggressive activists instead of honouring the booking and accepting that its role is to provide a facility for the whole community, not just those meeting the approval of some hard line activists.”

The party has said the event will go ahead but at a different location on the island.

Last year, a former Scottish Family Party candidate interrupted a Fringe event featuring First Minister Humza Yousaf to accuse him of being "anti-white".