The National:

TORY MSP Murdo Fraser has called for SNP bosses to intervene following a Valentine’s Day-related spat on Twitter.

It all started at around 7.30am on Wednesday morning, when the MSP posted a Tweet which read: “Roses are red. So are the coats. The Nats have got angry. But they’re fast losing votes.”

SNP MP Pete Wishart picked up on the joke and replied: “Roses are red. The Tories are through. The people of Perthshire have never voted for you.”

The trouble started after Fraser posted a tweet directed at him from Joseph Hopkins – who he said is an SNP branch convener. 

It read: “I’ve never voted Tory. Also, let me be blunt. No one’s ever voted for Murdo the ____”.

Following this, Fraser has called on the First Minister and SNP chief executive Murray Foote to intervene.

The National:

Hopkins has since deleted the Tweet and only approved followers are able to see his page on the social media site.

However, there is indeed a Facebook page under the name Joseph Hopkins which says he is the convener for the SNP's Largs and Fairlie branch. 

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Fraser initially reposted the tweet with the caption: “Wow. This is actual @theSNP Branch Convener. Is this acceptable @HumzaYousaf @murrayf00te?”

In a separate post, Fraser shared a screenshot of the tweet and said: “Oh, and he’s [Hopkins] gone. Fortunately I screenshotted it for you @HumzaYousaf @murrayf00te.”

Murdo Fraser has since told The National he received a full apology from Hopkins and considers the matter closed.